Cook Like a Superhero (or Villain)

Boker Black Ceramic Kitchen Knives

By Gear Patrol reader Amos Kwon

What would you get if you hybridized Bruce Wayne and Wolfgang Puck? A large, angry Austrian version of Squiggy from Lavergne and Shirley? Perhaps, but you’d also have someone who would use the dark and stealthy Boker Ceramic Kitchen knife to carve his Kobe Beef tenderloin in the shape of delicious batarangs. In other words this line from the reputable Boker of Solingen Germany (making knives since 1869) takes kitchen work to all new levels of manliness.

The ceramic blade makes for a super-sharp cutting edge that resists dulling longer than any other blade material. The Delrin handle is curvaceous and comfortable, allowing for fluid wrist motion. To boot, the dark chef does not like his truffles tasting like onions, and the ceramic allows him to enjoy because it doesn’t transfer flavors from blade to food. Just don’t pry open your emergency family sized rations of Costco sardines with it, Lurch. Last but not least, did we mention that it comes in black? Score one for ninja design.

Buy Now: Ceramic Ebony Santoku: $90 | Ceramic Kitchen Knife: $100 | Ceramic Ebony Utility Knife: $70