Cheat Sheet Mat

G2 Trainerball and Trainermat

Sure, reading men’s magazines about different workouts and stretches is great, but like a Google search, I manage to forget everything I read in a matter of seconds. No takeaways and prefer leaving the “bring my magazine with me while I’m working out” doucheyness for the guy. The result? Same workout, every time.

G2 has tackled this predicament with a straightforward solution: printed workout mats and core balls. They offer multiple equipment options with multiple stretches illustrated directly on the product. Need to stretch like pro golfers? There’s a mat for that. Is work boring you and ruining your flexibility? How about a mouse pad with stretches you can do at your desk? Done and done. All those times you use the core ball only for crunches are a thing of the past. Essentially, a cheat sheet at the gym (or gym genie…) for fitness and it makes perfect sense. And for those who care more about the health of the earth than their own health (i.e. Prius drivers who smoke) all G2 products are made from recycled material.

Buy Now: $10-$30