Sam Martin: The Quirky World Of “Manspaces” (TED)

Sam Martin, the Editor-in-Chief of Design Mind discusses the instinctive, visceral need of men for their own space. In his speech at 2009’s TED Conference (the thinkers of our time), Martin shares his research and findings of “man spaces”. His insights are not far from what I’ve seen permeate modern-day men’s culture both mass (Into the Wild, Mad Men, etc) and personal (accountability, yearly men’s trips, motorcycles…), but his talk is particularly appropriate for a man living today and worth 5 of your hard-fought minutes. Trust me, I don’t take them lightly. Perhaps this summer is the one you finally put your tools to use and take space back into your own hands.

A man’s castle is often not his home; it is his private space. That place he goes to be alone, to create, to hang with his friends – a place to renew.