Armourgeddon Tank Paintball

Paintball fans looking to take the experience to the next level should consider hopping the pond and heading to Souhfields Farm at Leicestershire in the UK. There you’ll find a one of kind warfare simulation experience known puntastically as Armourgeddon. If the name didn’t give it away, this facility teaches visitors how to operate real 17-ton FV432 tanks, and man their paint drenching 40mm cannon’s in the field of battle. The best part (or worst depending on your P.O.V.) is that a driver’s license isn’t required to get it on the action. Of course if armored bodies, enclosed hulls, and bone crushing caterpillar treads aren’t really your thing, you can also opt in to drive jeeps, trucks, and amphibious vehicles too.

All activities go down on the company’s WWII styled “bombing range”, so you’ll have plenty of room to roam and can forget about accidentally destroying any neighboring property while you learn to master your turret. Available packages include your basic setup which provides beginner driving and cannon instructions for the tank, as well as a short tank versus battle. After that experiences range from completing a tank obstacle course, to all out open warfare. For more shots and link to start planning your next remake of the battle of the bulge, read on below.

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