Take Your TV With You

Elgato EyeTV HD

Newly minted iPad owners in search of more content for their device should take a long hard look at the Elegato EyeTV ($199). It’s designed to grab 1080i signals from a sources like a DVR or Blu-ray player via component connection, and record the HD video directly to your Mac. Unlike other computer based DVR software which leaves your newly ripped content marooned on your computer, the EyeTV HD provides glorious sharing flexibility thanks to a dual-format capture mode that can record in both the iPad and iPhone formats at the same time. That means there’s no need for third-party conversion software, making exporting content to iTunes a virtual cake walk.

Even more appealing though is the device’s support for live content streaming using the Eye TV app for the iPhone/iPad. In a nutshell, this software allows Apple portable device users to enjoy live TV via 3G or Wi-Fi. The software also enables viewers to change channels anywhere, watch previously record EyeTV content, browse the program guide, schedule/edit recordings remotely, and even automatically launch EyeTV on your home Mac as needed. That’s a pretty powerful set of features for those who want to make the most out of their cable or television subscription while on the road. We can’t give our full verdict on the product however until we complete a proper hands on. Rest assured though that we’ll share our findings once a review unit arrives.

Buy Now: $199