Chocolate on the Fringe

Komforte Chockolates

Unlike women, men don’t like to advertise that they have an addiction to chocolate. Therefore we felt compelled to share these interesting American made treats for all of our readers a sweet tooth who prefer to remain unnamed. Komforte Chockolates ($2.99) are available in a mish mash of options that are designed to combine the sweet and sophisticated taste of small batch artisan chocolate with other seemingly odd but familiar flavors that inspire comfort. The term “munchies approved” might describe the concept more succinctly in our opinion, but we’re not here to judge. Currently sold in French toast, ramen, and tortilla lime & salt options, they’re certainly like no other chocolate we’ve come across in our product hunting tenure. Whether that’s a good thing is something we’ll judge once a few of you secret chocolate fans dig in and report back. French toast sounds easy, so for the sake of science least give the dorm room inspired ramen a nibble first.

Buy Now: $2.99