Don't be Fooled by Fruity Ingredients or Names. It's Dude Worthy

Sharps Barber & Shop | Happy Me All Over Soap

We here at Gear Patrol like soap as much as the next guy. That doesn’t mean we’ll simply put any soap product lying around our bathroom all over us though. This is our skin we’re talking about here, and knowing what you’re exposing it to is critical. Sadly we know many men just settle on using the stuff their wife/mom/partner bought for them. They’re also the same guys who wind up using their wife’s shaving cream constantly, but we’re digressing. The point is this behavior simply won’t do, so start taking back your shower by reclaiming your soap. Don’t know where to start? Then Sharps Barber & Shop might have just the man cleaner for you with their Happy Me All Over Soap ($7). Grapefruit and papaya extract exfoliate and refresh your skin. Ginseng extract adds nourishment and is followed up with mango butter and almond protein to lock in moisture. It works for a smoothie and it works for soap.

While we fancy the ingredients (begrudgingly after a bit of use), the smell is what turned our heads. Literally. You can smell the crisp, citrus aroma through the packaging, even before you’ve unwrapped and lathered up. Once you’re covered head to toe the Happy Me All Over Soap pulls double duty by reviving the senses and making you once again presentable to the outside world. In other words, just think of it like a pre-work cup of coffee in a car wash, minus the hassle of brewing or rolling up your windows.

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