A River Runs Beneath It

Bell Canoe Works Angler

Fishing. A man’s practice of patience and his place of solace. Only question is, what waterbound temple do you choose? Well, The Angler by Bell Canoe Works ($1,220) is built for all-day comfort without sacrifice of speed and one of the best we’ve come across.

Depending on your needs The Angler’s options include swivel seats, back water workstation for tackle and tying, and a fishing package (all shown right) that can be outfitted into the highly customizable canoe. Great for a two-man fishing excursion, the canoe is stable for seated or standing casts while maintaining quietness and ease of maneuverability. It’s the perfect craft for lunker spotting and testing your angling mettles and patience. Just add a rod and good book. Weighs 58 lbs at 14′ 6″ in length with a 950 lb capacity.

Buy Now: $1,220 (Dealer Locator)