Instants From Another Era

Impossible Project PX 100 Film

Quick background. After the announcement that Polaroid would no longer product instant film for their cameras, the Impossible Project took up reigns to manufacture the film in the former Polaroid factory in Enschede, NL. The efforts have been watched carefully, and in a day and age where digital is the norm and traditional (film) is avant-garde, it’s important you know about them.

The PX 100 Silver Shade film is Impossible Project’s latest celluloid creation. A monochrome film built for traditional Polaroid cameras utilizing SX-70 film, the product of PX 100 Silver Shade is nothing if not breathtaking vintage. Residing somewhere in between black & white and sepia, the images can make even the most modern compositions utterly ooze with vintage goodness. Mind yourself though, this is not shoot and go. The film is sensitive and you can manipulate it in a myriad of ways (even temperature effects it), but one thing is guaranteed: your photographs will stand-alone and that’s all that matters. Long live Polaroid (film).

We’ve embedded selected images from The Impossible Project’s samples below. They’re worth your perusal.

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