Nothing Like Your Dad's Pair

New Balance M850RGW

Those not tuned in to the sneaker scene might be surprised to see a pair of New Balances “peacocking” with such a bright street inspired color package. Especially with the classic 850 shoe which was originally produced back in 1991. Well we’re here to enlighten you that this runner’s staple brand isn’t always about plain grays and white. Designed to provide the same great comfort and performance New Balance has built its name on, while still turning heads, this particular color scheme has us wishing our current sneakers would just wear out already. Then again it never hurts to own backups..right?

Editor’s Note: Think that bright red and silver is just a little too much for your style but still like the cut of the shoe? Well rest easy because New Balance offers the 850 in a variety of color schemes include blue/gray and yellow/gray.

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