Lobster Boil? There's A Pot For That

Crate & Barrel Lobster Pot

Take NoteQuick Tip: The lobster pot is self-explanatory (and rock solid to boot). But make sure you get the right lobster. Here’s an interesting tip we picked up before our last boil: when selecting your lobsters look for the liveliest ones. If the claws are secured, then pick it up and check their weight. You want lobsters that are lively, weighty, and a tail that still naturally curls under. Avoid shell damage. Delish.

Lobster boils are nothing if not simple. The longest part of the process is usually waiting for your friends to arrive or water to boil. So long as you don’t overcook the lobster, you’ve pretty much got an outstanding evening of food, drink, and messy napkins. Of course, a Lobster Boil is nothing if not a great reason to check your pot stock (kitchen variety, not California). This two-handled carbon steel Crate & Barrel Lobster Pot ($70) provides 19 quarts of capacity and a seperate base equipped with drain spigot for removing piping hot fluids. It’s also made in the U.S.A. Now, pick up some pilsners, and visit the fishmonger.

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