Get Wireless Sound with Your Shiny New 3D TV

Panasonic SC-ZT2

The biggest barrier holding back most men from amping up their home audio experience after price is set up inconvenience. Panasonic’s decided to release the SC-ZT2 ($850) “7.1-channel” home theater system to eliminate this hassle and provide an enticement for buyers to upgrade their television to one of the manufacturers new 3D models. Consisting of just two speakers which each house four one-inch tweeters and a long-stroke, down-firing woofer, these two slim poles use virtual surround technology to mimic the enveloping audio of a 7.1 setup. Their real kicker though is that when paired with Panny’s upcoming DMP-BDT350 Blu-ray 3D player, the system can pump out room rumbling Full HD 3D audio without the need for any hard-wired connection. That’s certainly a nifty a trick in our book, but we’ll hold back making an official declaration of awesomeness until we can gauge their performance with our own ears. Even if they do perform well though, the real question is will you have an extra $850 lying around to call them your own after dropping a cool $2,000 on a new 3D TV.

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