An E-Reader from Pandigital?

Pandigital Novel 7-inch E-Reader

We know what you’re thinking. E-readers are dead and tablets are the new black, so why the hell is Gear Patrol wasting our time with another sure to be still born device. Especially one that’s made by Pandigital, whose main claim to fame is producing digital photo frames. Well the short answer is that the Novel is one of the more interesting readers we’ve come across in terms of specs for the price. Measuring 5.5- x 7.5- x 0.5-inches with a 800 x 600 full color screen, built-in WiFi, and an ARM 11 processor, it’s definitely got more than regular on e-ink reading on its plate. With an ok battery life of 6 hours, 1 GB of internal storage that can be expanded via SD/MMC, and access to the Barnes and Noble’s eBook store as well as free ePub titles, it can certainly handle eReading should the mood strike you. Since it runs off of Android though, browsing the web, listening to music, and watching video are all can do activities by this dark horse device as well. Pandigital also mentions the ability to play games, but don’t get your hopes up for some kind of Space Invaders meets Dickens frag as you read infotainment. Still not impressed? Did we mention it has an MSRP of $199? To view more shots of the device and read the full press release read on below.

Buy Now: $250