Brand Spotlight | FEIT Shoes

Brand Spotlight is a series on Gear Patrol focused on highlighting unique and creative brands we feel should be on men’s radars.

Most shoes are made like cars, meaning they are massed produced in an assembly line. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with the efficiencies gained from this approach for certain kinds of kicks, but it does often leave something to be desired from a standpoint of quality and individuality. You may have never heard of FEIT, but this unique company has been quietly producing shoes for several years while obstinately bucking manufacturing norms. Self described as the modern-day cobbler, FEIT releases limited edition runs of shoes (think 60-20 pairs) based on the amount of high quality materials they can get their hands on. If there’s only enough Kudu leather to make 25 pairs of the stitch down black shown above, then that’s all they’ll make. Period.

The result for consumers is that we gain the opportunity to buy handcrafted, one of a kind designed shoes made from all natural materials, none of which are artificially dyed, at a fraction of the cost other brands would charge. Does that mean they sell for less than a pair of Crocs? Certainly not. But they’re still a steal for those who place a premium on quality rather than brand name recognition.

If you really want to take your footwear tastes to new heights, FEIT also offers a made to measure service for individuals looking for that perfect fit, and a truly custom product. This premium service involves consulting with their master craftsmen to create a custom mold or “last” of your feet. The last is then used to create one pair of shoes initially and kept in the factory should you want to order more later. Customization like this though will cost you a cool $1,500 for the consultation, last creation, and one pair of shoes. Subsequent pairs made using your last then cost $800 a pop.

To quote FEIT’s company mantra “It’s not a revolution, but it is a new way of doing things”. Holding quality and craftsmanship above all else are certainly values we think are worth promoting in this world, so we’re happy share this find with all of you. Check out what they have in stock now if you can resist owning one of the few dwindling pairs left, or pre-order the style in production or pre-production so you don’t miss the boat. Otherwise check back from time to time to see what this shoe house is concocting next. Whatever is it, rest assured it will be made well and not in every other guy’s closet.

Buy Now: $200-$300