What's the Shiny Exterior Hiding?

Fenom Modern Absinthe

Absinthe has a reputation for many things. Some of them are accurate and justified, others are bogus. Fenom certainly hopes to capitalize one way or the other on the allure of this infamous mind altering substance with their so-called “Modern Absinthe”. Brought to our attention by Liqurious, it’s described by the company as the first absinthe that’s refined enough to satisfy, if not surpass, the refined palettes and expectations of today’s modern lush. Crafted by French absinthe experts from traditional herbs including grand wormwood, it’s certainly something worth investigating if a wild mood strikes you. We suspect its mirror metal bottle and modern shaping also looks great sitting on the top shelf of your home bar, and will undoubtedly attract curious party goers inspecting your offerings. Sadly details on pricing and availability of this glowing concoction are spare as the company only lists locations in South Beach as sales locations. Keep an eye on the company’s website though to stay up to date on when you might call on your own. Maybe a representative will even be kind enough to give us the scoop on where to find it in the comments below.

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