The Five Star Deserves Five Stars

Head YouTek Five Star Tennis Racquet

In the realm of game improvement racquets, the Head YouTek Five Star tennis racquet delivers. Besides integration of Head’s popular YouTek technology which helps players match their individual skills and needs with the appropriate racquet, four primary features of the Five Star make this an awesome game improvement racquet. A D3o frame-inlay that adapts to stroke impact so maximum power is provided with a soft touch, a one-piece sweat-absorbent non-slip multi-zone grip, QuadFace that extends the stringbed at key points to enlarge the sweetspot, and a Control Ring that ensures strings maintain maximum tightness and durability. On the aesthetics side, Head YouTek Five Star’s color scheme – a sleek white, black, and orange highlights are undoubtedly, Gear Patrol endorsed.

Note: the Head YouTek Five Star is intended for players at an intermediate level with moderate+ strokes. In the hands of the right skilled player you can make mincemeat of your weekend partner. Like this author. Sorry, Jack.

Buy Now: $199