Jawbone Icon

Bluetooth headsets. They’re still not the most stylistically approved gadget amongst our crew, but their convenience, safety, and features make them increasingly more difficult not to embrace. That is, so long as you don’t wear one to dinner (see rule #2). Jawbone recently sent over the Jawbone Icon ($99), which caught our second glance after seeing that it was CNET’s highest rated headset, ever.

The Jawbone Icon offers a veritable onslought of features: audio tone alerts, verbal Caller-ID, on-screen battery life (iPhone only), A2DP music playback capability, multiple-phone connectivity (hugely convenient), micro-USB charging, on/off switch, and single button operability. But the 11oz Jawbone Icon’s best, if not best named feature is NoiseAssassin. A proprietary technology developed for military tanks and helicopters to eliminate background noises. Jawbone applies it to the Icon to, at least in our tests, drastically reduce ambiant noises like wind gusts are eliminated through algorithms tied into the headset’s dual electret microphones that auto-detect voice activity. Jawbone offers the Icon is six designs, of which we prefer “The Hero” (shown above) and includes 7 earbud fitments. 4.5 hours of talk time with 10 day standby.

Buy Now: $90