The Fixation | 2010 Ford Focus RS500

Yes, a Ford Focus has made it to the list of Fixations. Why you ask, is this my first submission to the covet list? No, it’s not because of the comical $54,000 asking price (though that might lend enough credo). No, it’s not because Ford has limited production to only 500 Foci. And no, it’s not because this Focus will only ever exist in the United Kingdom. Well… maybe it’s a combination of all three. That, plus the equipping a Focus with a 2.5 liter 345 horsepower (339 lb ft torque) turbocharged aluminum inline-5 engine that rips through 60 mph in 5.6 seconds to a max speed of 163mph, custom Panther Black matte paint applied directly at the Frankfurt 3M factory, Quaife limited-slip differential, RevoKnuckle front suspension, and 19″ black rims. Outside of the Blue Oval and some interior bits the 2010 Ford Focus RS500 is unlike any other Ford out there. It literally sweats with evil insanity. Not to mention, one listen to the alarm-triggering combination of screaming turbo whine and brawling exhaust (listen here) are virtually guaranteed to make any man [tire] squeal with delight.

More images after the jump. Thanks to Ford to for sending them over. Also, check out InsideLine’s full review.

Buy Now: $54,000+ (UK only)