El Diablo Rojo

Callaway Diablo Edge Driver

For skilled and not-so-skilled amateur golfers alike, finding a driver that one can pick up and hit long, straight, and reliably is no easy task. That’s why clubmakers continue to push the boundaries of design science just as far as the USGA and the R&A will allow; it behooves players like us to avail ourselves of these advances. The Callaway Diablo Edge Driver ($299) is a prime example of this concept in action (long-down-the-middle action). Hit the jump to get our thoughts and see how this devilish driver can help you put your partners to shame.

There’s no doubt that Callaway knows how to make a driver that people can just plain hit.

The Diablo Edge is Callaway’s latest effort to put easy-to-hit technology in the hands of your average golfer. Since that describes us and most of the guys we know, we applaud the concept. The most obvious visual feature of the club is it’s shape which offers a pleasing blend of the traditional and the progressive. The overall silhouette offers improved aerodynamics that cuts down nearly 10% of the drag that can slow the clubhead speed of competing 460cc drivers. Translation: faster clubhead = longer drives. This shape also produces a slightly shallow face, which, though subjective, gave us a very confident look at address. Additionally, this means that the clubhead’s weight has been optimized towards the perimeter of the club for maximum MOI (moment of inertia) and stability for corralling off-center hits. An all-titanium driver, the Diablo Edge offers pitch-perfect audible feedback, neither too muted nor too sharp (the sound of a driver is a trait that is often overlooked, but can be very unnerving if not properly tuned).

Our experience with the Diablo Edge was certainly a positive one. Prone to a high or ballooning ball flight with his current driver, or tester was able to able to produce consistently optimal trajectory with the Diablo. Even better, the club was very forgiving, as off-center hits did not typically produce disastrous results. All this while offering more than adequate distance. Our test club, which was equipped with a factory stiff-flex, Aldila Habanero shaft, seemed much attuned to a smooth, slightly relaxed swing. That’s a good thing, unless you like to swing out of your shoes with regularity. Really getting after a shot tends to result in a bit of a squishy feel, thus we’d encourage those with higher swing speeds to opt of a custom shaft option that plays more true to its rating. Still, this is a minor gripe and no fault of the clubhead itself.

All in all, there’s no doubt that Callaway knows how to make a driver that people can just plain hit. Our experience tells us that the Diablo Edge is yet another club that does it’s fiendish best to carry on that legacy.

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