Leaner, Meaner, and Back in Black

Xbox 360 Slim

The new Xbox 360 Slim ($300) has landed. A decidedly Alienware-ish looking console, the Xbox 360 Slim has called 1-800-Evil-Jenny and dropped the weight with a slimmer, glossy-black case design that features touch-sensitive buttons (sounds a bit like Xbox and PS3 have swapped designers), “whisper” quiet fan that generates less noise than its wind-tunnel predecessor, 45nm chipset, 2.4Ghz 802.11n Wi-Fi (finally), 5 USB ports, 250GB removable hard drive, Xbox Kinect port (full-body motion controls, a la Wii w/o controllers), and includes wireless controller and headset. Not to mention that it ditches its predecessor’s clunky power brick in the process. To us, it looks a bit like an homage to the original Xbox, and that’s a good thing. Oh, and no, it won’t play the 3 HD-DVD’s you’re still clinging onto.

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Buy Now: $300 (available July 16)