Tuxedo Foreman

2011 GMC Denali HD

When it comes to duty, you’re a guy so you’ll inevitably want the “heavy” variety. And in the realm of what domestic manufacturers undeniably do well, pickup trucks, no one matches, pound-for-pound, Detroit muscle in the world of heavy-duty pick-ups.

But GMC doesn’t want you thinking you can’t get luxury out of Flint, Michigan. The new for 2011 GMC Denali HD ($50,880) is the “luxury” variant of the revered heavy-duty pickup line, looking positively delicious in black. Of course, you don’t buy a heavy-duty pick up truck for its looks and GMC has plowed all their R&D from this past year into engineering. A 500% stiffer frame, beefier suspension, and larger towing capacity make it to the Denali HD. How much you ask?

Short answer: a veritable shitstorm. The 6.6 liter DURAMAX turbocharged V8 common-rail diesel engine outputs 397 horsepower (765 ft lb torque!) mated to an exclusive Allison six-speed auto transmission gives the Denali HD 21,100 lbs towing capacity boasting rights, making it best in class. Or, roughly a few dozen Ski-Doo’s and a medium-sized home (w/family)… in tandem. Upgraded 14″ cast-iron disc brakes all around, 20″ forged aluminum wheels, tire pressure monitoring, sunroof, Bose sound system with DVD entertainment, Bluetooth, OnStar, and just the right amount of chrome make the Denali one sexy workhorse we wouldn’t mind hauling with.

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