E.T.'s Home Phone?

Moshi Moshi 4

Seemingly ripped straight from the set of The Fifth Element, the Moshi Moshi 04 ($199) is designed by Michael Young and serves as dedicated iPhone charging dock that supports Bluetooth 2.1 multipoint technology. This enables it to connect up to two devices at once like a Smartphone and personal phone, or a computer for VOIP calling. Created with modern-day urban dwellers in mind, it’s a great compromise for those who crave the feel of a home phone handset while talking but don’t want a land line. As an added bonus, this device can also double as a set of high quality Bluetooth stereo speakers or a noise reduction conference call device. Does it look like it’s better suited for Will Ferrel’s Mugatu crib? Yes. But if you can get past the brushed aluminum facia (a.k.a the honey comb solar panel look), it does offer a bevy of useful features for giving your cell or Skype mic a break now and then.

Editor’s Note: If you can deal with a wired setup, the Moshi Moshi Curve Handset ($60) is far cheaper and provides the same land line handset feel for your cell. More photos and a link to buy after the jump.

Buy Now: $199