Handy Power

Gripmaster Pro Hand Strengthener

One of the most critical areas of strength, no matter what your sport, instrument, or adventure is hand strength. Problem is, it’s one of the most overlooked elements in a man’s workout regimen. Remedy that. The Gripmaster Pro Hand Strengthener ($15) provides several weight-resistances (7-11lbs) and exercises like fingertip pinch, flat fist, and powergrip – all designed to improve dexterity and power. Even if you’re hobbies involve video games or computers (e.g. repetitive typing and clicking), the need for stress relief through hand exercises is critical in preventing muscle and joint problems. I’ve been utilizing them for a few weeks now at the office and they’ve worked wonders for hand fatigue. The small size is pocket friendly too, but we highly recommend not exercising while your hand is in your pocket, unless you like weird looks.

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