Confirmed Cure to Swamp Ass

Slix Closer Boxer Brief

Your preference in underwear has likely evolved as you’ve grown older. That means that the way you roll today is probably different from your high school or even college garb, as you expect more from every piece of clothing in your wardrobe – even that which is often unseen. That’s why Slix came up with the Closer.

Believing that what you first put on in the morning and last take off at night is an integral part of who you are as a man, Slix has engineered what they call the greatest boxer brief ever made. Some of our crew members, serving bravely as a representation of all mankind, have tested this boast and shown that we’re not inclined to disagree. The Closer ($24), with its host of features, is an unparalleled fusion of comfort and support. Wearing is believing, and the Closer gets our seal of approval. Slix also makes some bold claims about the Closer’s effects on your romantic fortunes, but we can’t help you with that.

Also offered is an equally impressive line-up of undershirts and socks. Our testing proved their Influencer Undershirt ($24) is capable of shedding unheard of amounts of sweat, when worn on a hot, muggy day. The icing on the cake: even John Daly confirms that Slix can cure swamp ass. If it’s good enough for Big John, it’s good enough for us.

Buy Now: The Closer ($24) | The Influencer ($24)

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