Save Power, Money, and Outlets.

Belkin Conserve Valet

Popular electronics accessory manufacturer Belkin has made strides over the last several years to provide consumers with eco-friendly power solutions that help us stay green with minimal inconveniences in our daily life. The conserve valet ($40) is one of the more intriguing devices to come from their latest efforts and is pitched as a clutter reducing, smarter energy-consuming power dock for charging portable electronics.

Capable of charging up to four devices at once via USB, owners can easily save wall outlet space by connecting devices directly to the valet. Once a device is plugged in, the Valet can sense new gadgets that are added and will immediately begin to fully charge them. Once they’ve had their fill though, the Valet automatically shuts off power including standby consumption, allowing it to only add to your electric bill while in use. Amazingly, the unit also ships with a USB to mini-USB cable and a USB to micro-USB cable, so you won’t be nickel and dimed on cords to make the most of the device in your home. Currently available for pre-order, we’re plan on seeing this innovative charging station bed side shortly. More images an a link to pre-order can be found after the jump.

Buy Now: $40