Rainy With a Chance of Delayed Watering

Rainwater Urn

Recapturing rain is a fast, eco-friendly way to conserve water used for your plants and garden. Problem is, as good as big recycled whiskey barrels can look, they often lack durability and water-sealing which leaves stagnant water susceptible to mosquito habitats. Remember: ~7 days from stagnant water to mosquito infestation.

This 65 gallon Rainwater Urn ($215) is made of matte UV-stable chip-resistant polyethylene and designed to tuck nicely into a corner of your home near a water spigot. It even features a removable top that doubles as a watering accessory carrier or potted plant holder, a brass spigot and gravity pressure powered 6′ hose. Just divert from your downspout into the urn, or use an optional trick downspout diverter for free, recaptured water and protected from insects with a mesh screen. $215 may sound like a hefty chunk of change, but picking up a couple $40 half-barrels every other season adds up fast.

Side Note: Wondering how much rainfall you can capture? Use this calculator

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