One Sailboat To Go, Please

Smartkat Inflatable Catamaran

What goes 12 knots, has a 15+ foot mast, carries 4 passengers, and deflates into two airline check-able duffel bags? One hint: see above. The 92.5 pound Smartkat Inflatable catamaran ($5,999) is a masted vessel made of two inflatable PVC pontoons, modular anodized frame, and a Dyneema mast and boom that, despite it’s portability and lightweight construction is a tough-as-nails sailboat. Comfortably carrying up-to 4 passengers, it can reach a solid 12 knots (~13.9mph) or attach a 3hp outboard motor for windstills. For the untrained, the Smartkat takes less than an hour to assemble (20 minutes once you’ve done it a couple of times) and packs into two 50lb bags.

Buy Now: $5,995