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Sodastream Sodamix Flavors

After reviewing the Sodstream Genesis, we got a lot of reader feedback wanting to know more about flavor options. So we hit up Sodastream,and discovered there are quite a few that range from the expected: cola, cherry cola, ginger ale and root-beer, to the not so anticipated: cream soda, orange mango and peach tea. There’s even an energy drink option, diet varieties, and caffeine-free soda. Each bottle of Sodamix can produce the equivalent of 33 cans of soda (~$0.25 per can).

Outside of the taste what we particularly like about these beverage solutions is their absence of high-fructose corn syrup in regular flavors, or aspartame in the diet options. Instead, Sodastream utilizes a mixture of Splenda and sugar for regular flavors or Splenda only for diet varieties. This formula makes regular Sodamix Flavors about one-third the calories, sugar, and carbs of their store brand competition.

Buy Now: $5-$7