Expedition Hotel

MSR Dragontail Tent

The MSR Dragontail Tent ($405) utilizes proven hoop design for space, single-wall design with ventilation, and 4-season flexibility to create what amounts to one of the best 2-person tents we’ve ever spent a night with mother nature in. A sealable, overhead sealable mesh vent runs the entire 90″ length of the tent that provides what we found to be top-notch ventilation and minimal condensation and a “sense” of space despite its 50″ width. The Dragontail hardly coughed at wind gusts and using MSR’s Fast Feed pole sleeves proved to be as easy to set up in windy situations as MSR claims. The 14 sq ft bikini/sealed vestibule provides ample gear storage and staging area to boot. Only downside: all these expedition-grade features don’t come cheap.

Also, if you’re wondering where that outstanding photo came from, it’s by Paul Bride.

Buy Now: $405