Netbook Form Factor, iPad Style Input

Toshiba Libretto W100 Ultra Mobile PC

Conceptual gadgets with a serious potential to join the legions of other vaporware devices circulating online is typically something we try to avoid covering. In some cases though, the teased device is just too gadgetastic to ignore. Case in the point is the Toshiba Libretto W100 ($1,100). Promised by Toshiba to hit shelves in August (fingers crossed) and be priced at around $1,100, the so-called ultra mobile PC will feature dual 7″ multi-touch screens that work both horizontally or vertically. In other words as the pictures tease (shown below), it should work both as a basic use laptop and as e-book reader.

Stated to weigh less than two pounds, it will compete with the iPad in portability and run Windows® 7 Home Premium. Other specs already let out of the bag include the device having a media card reader port, solid state drive, a USB port, Bluetooth 2.1, Wireless-N compatibility, and a built-in webcam. In terms of input, clearly everything is touch based and typing will revolve around a virtual keyboard. However a “soft” track pad is also stated to be on board which will allow users to type, click, and browse with tactile feedback. For more shots of this slick device and a video of it in action hit the jump.

More Info: here.