Mesh for Less Mess

Williams-Sonoma Mesh Chef’s Pan

Grilling smaller food items can be a bit like playing Lemmings. Careful attention will insure much of what you started with will survive, but some poor morsels are bound to slip through the cracks. While there are many tools and techniques out there to help with this problem, this mesh chef’s pan ($50) from Williams-Sonoma appears to be one of the best. It’s been beefed up from its predecessor to hold more, now measuring 12″ in diam by 8″ high, and it’s heavy gauge steel mesh is perfect for grilling things like chopped vegetables. Use the lid if you’d like to make sure food stays put out of the mouths of hungry grazing guests, or leave the lid off for stirring. A final nice touch is that the long stainless-steel handle can be removed to free up valuable grill space for things like your Dreamland BBQ 50th anniversary package. Oh and it’s also dishwasher safe. Cha-ching!

Buy Now: $50