Making Segways and Vespas Cower in Fear

Zev 6100 & 5100 Electric Utility Scooters

Normally the term electric scooter brings up images of Segway-like vehicles complete with pocket protector wearing riders. The Zev 6100 and 5100 utility scooters ($7,526) may redefine the stereotype though. Originally developed as a delivery vehicle for the police (back when the police used to compete with Fedex??), its wheelbase is 60.62 inches, which is actually longer than a Harley Sportster 883 or a 1200cc. This wheel base provides comfort to riders over long distances and offers far better stability. Speaking of deliveries, this bike also features several additions to help you tote gear as well as you. The large seat rear section flips up into a locking position to become a backrest while making room for a heavy-duty load rack. Despite what the promotional copy may say though, we don’t really see riders using it as a space for hauling back a dead deer. There are also two lockable storage boxes along the sides of the rear for smaller items.

In terms of range, Zev also claims that the 6100 long-range model holds the title for having the maximum possible range of any electric motor scooter in the world. That’s because its battery has more capacity than many electric cars with 4.32 Kwh in the 5100 and 5.04 Kwh in the 6100. That’s 3 times larger than the Toyota Prius car in terms of capacity and amounts to a range of around 85 miles. Maximum speeds for the lower speed long range models are 50mph for the 5100, and 63mph for the high speed 6100. Another thing to note is that the 5100 has an extremely high torque electric motor (Torque 248 Nm (183 lb ft)) for easily climbing hills. The 6100 model uses this same motor, but customers have the option of selecting a higher speed motor that yields a maximum speed of 63 mph in exchange for torque. In case your were wondering, both bikes can also haul two people weighing a 185lbs a piece. That’s good news for you and bad news for Fat Albert and the gang. Whisper quiet run noise and camo paint job aside though, don’t let us see you taking this Deer hunting.

Buy Now: $7,526 (less with Federal Tax Credits)