A Future Comedy Classic

Hot Tub Time Machine Blu-ray

We’ve been patiently waiting for this Blu-ray release ever since we walked out of the theater back in March. It’s hands down one of, if not the funniest movie we’ve seen so far in 2010, and should not be missed if you happened to skip it while it ran in theaters. Trust us, we know the concept of a hot tub time machine may sound like a lame excuse for a plot, but after the first few minutes of the movie we’re confident you’ll be putting those judgments aside. Yes, it’s choked full of frat approved jokes a la Old School and enough slapstick to fill three Steve Martin movies, but despite the 80’s out setting and seemingly random cast, Hot Tub Time Machine ($25) has a surprisingly deeper message. The movie also sets the bar high for Craig T. Robinson of The Office fame and Rob Corddry as new leading men in the cult of Hollywood comedy. Perfect for summer evenings when it’s too hot to be outside, turn on the A.C., take a seat, and prepare to laugh your face off.

Buy Now: $25