Color Your Perspective

Electric Hoodlum Acetate Color Series

Taking a step away from the more traditional colored shades out there, the Electric Hoodlum Acetate Color Series ($85) is a funky new limited edition collection that should appeal to eccentric/fashion focused folks in the audience (and not just those of you in Brooklyn). Despite their simple appearance though, don’t mistake them for the run of the mill colored plastic aviator variations you might see being schilled from a cart. These frames aren’t painted like 99% of the other sunglasses out there. Instead they’re hand-made and saturated through to produce rich color combinations that are one of a kind in terms of shading. While new patterns are continuously released on a rolling schedule, there will be no repeats. To scope more options besides the blue skied shown above, hit the jump. If you like what you see, grab a pair while quantities are available. Special thanks to the guys across the pond at French Truckers for bringing these to our attention.

Buy Now: $85