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Hulu Plus

The long rumored Hulu “premium” subscription service has finally landed. Dubbed Hulu Plus, the service is slated to cost users $10 per month and volley towards Netflix. Hulu has already released applications for the iPad, iPhone (iOS4, free), and plans to support Samsung connected TVs and Blu-ray players via the company’s proprietary app store. Sony and Vizio HDTV’s, and Vizio Blu-ray players are also scheduled to get connected this Fall followed by the PS3 in July and Xbox 360 in early 2011 as part of a new Xbox Live Gold.

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$10 will get you access to full TV “season passes” to series on ABC, NBC, and FOX, as well as exclusive content not available through the free portal, which will continue to function as it always has. Thank you. Curious TV and movie fans can give the Apple iPad/iPhone experience a try now by downloading the free app in the iTunes app store and browse a few bits of free content offered that includes: 30 Rock Season 4 Episode 1, the Parenthood pilot, and Super Size Me. The Featured, Popular, TV, Movies, or Recently Added sections have pretty much everything the Hulu web-based experience has to offer, so don’t let the initial Plus line up dissuade you from giving it a try. If you’re super special or super eager, you can also apply to get access to preview invite.

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