Not Meant to be Consumed Down on One Knee

Smirnoff Red x Vitalic Limited Edition

Smirnoff for better or worse is currently dealing with the PR debacle/drinking game phenomenon known affectionately as Bros icing Bros. When they aren’t fielding questions from the NY Times about “Whose ‘Icing’ Whom?” though, the brand appears to be steaming ahead promoting their reputation as an affordable, award-winning vodka. This triple distilled potion was created in collaboration with French electro DJ Vitalic and outside of the smoother taste features a shiny new bottle seemingly ripped from a Verizon Droid commercial or the set of Saturday Night Fever. Slated to hit liquor store shelves sometime next month, line this up next to your recently acquired fifth of Absolute Brooklyn, and let your friends debate which brand copied the others strategy.

Look for details here.