Or Maybe Just Face Lifted

New Amazon Kindle DX

In the wake of the iPad, you better believe that Amazon’s Kindle division has been spending more than a few late nights pondering how the device can stay relevant in the future. Since they can’t simply integrate a color e-ink display (yet) or add other drool worthy features overnight to the product line, it seems like the release of the latest Kindle DX ($379) is designed to get the Kindle back on the radar in the wake of the iPad hoopla.

What’s new about the new Kindle DX boils down to three things: color (case), contrast, and price. Taking a hint from Nintendo, the new DX is now available in graphite, and features a new e-ink screen that boasts 50% improved contrast ratio. It’s also being priced $100 less. Want to learn more? Check out our time with the original Amazon Kindle DX.

The new Kindle DX is available for pre-order now and officially goes on sale July 7th. A full gallery is after the jump.

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