Pure Summer Whites

Seavees 09/63 Pantone Plimsoll

When Seavees created the Pantone Plimsoll ($125) they must have agreed with our sentiment that a clean pair of canvas shoes belongs in every man’s closet, especially come summer. Combining it with Pantone’s original 1963 color palette was simply a stroke of genius.

After wearing a pair of Pantone White Plimsoll’s ($115) this past month we’re sold. The white Plimsoll sports an all canvas upper (other colors have a suede vamp) with six eyelet lacing. Seavees upped their quality to the next echelon and managed to appease our original skepticism of the price tag. The sueded collar is gentle on the top of your foot and heel, critical for preventing blisters during obligatory sockless wear. It also sports a removable footbed that’s among the most comfortable we’ve found any shoe. With its pleather top the shoe avoids foot sweat, but allows for easy cleaning to ward off shoe stank. Though not functionally unique the sky blue soles on the white Plimsoll’s are a nice detail.

Pantone White is about as pure a color as you can get, combine it with Seavees classic Plimsoll and you end up with the quintessential summer shoe. That said, we’ll be delving into the rest of the color wheel.

Author’s Note: If you go with Pantone White Plimsoll’s we’d recommend scotch guarding them or carrying a tide pen if you want to keep them clean, they’re magnets for scuffs and stains, which you can see a few of in our photograph above. Also, consider picking up some Mocc Sock & Co Socks ($8) to keep your feet dry and still look sockless.

Cost: $115