Your High-Def Memory Aid

Toshiba Camileo X100 HD Camcorder

After enjoying years of success in Europe, Toshiba has chosen 2010 to bring their Camileo line of high-definition digital camcorders to us here in the United States. Avid readers will know that we’re big fans of pocket-sized HD recorders, but sometimes a more full-featured solution would be handy. We had the chance to go hands-on with the Camileo X100 ($270) recently and we’re pleased to find in it a great combination of features and specs at an affordable price tag.

These days, people are capturing video in a ridiculous variety of ways. Still, whether you’re shooting on a phone, a DSLR camera, something called a camcorder, or a full-fledged production rig the aim is the same – to capture and share memories. It matters not if you’re an aspiring filmmaker, a dad that wants to preserve your kid’s first birthday party, or a college kid looking to score the next viral hit, you’ve got to consider features and price in order to choose on which device you mash the red button. The the 1080p-capable X100 is a great option to consider, especially if casual capturing and easy sharing (as opposed to hardcore video editing) are your goals, and you’d be hard-pressed to find another camcorder with some of the features that recommend it at a sub-$300 price point.

What We Loved About the X100

  • 10x optical zoom at a price where digital zoom is typically the only option
  • 4 GB built-in hard drive offers an hour of recording at the highest quality
  • SD slot accommodates flash memory of up to 32 GB (12+ hours recording at the lowest quality)
  • One-touch YouTube share function makes publishing videos to web simple
  • Included mini-HDMI cable gets you big screen-ready right out of the box

Don’t expect overly an overly-expansive menu at this price, but we were impressed by the Toshiba Camileo X100 primarily based on it’s good image quality, 10x optical zoom, and combination of built-in and expandable flash memory. Image stabilization is available at lower resolutions as well, for those of us with less than surgical composure. All in all, this is a great step up from the pocket recorders that many of us use for virtually the same price and with little added bulk. Sound quality is another noticeable boon, particularly when compared to similarly priced options. Still,the optical zoom alone makes the choice a no-brainier. Whereas the limited feature set and editing potential may make the X100 less than suitable for power users, we give it a hearty thumbs up to the adventure and parenthood crowds.

Buy Now: $400