A New Competitor to the Panny LX3 & Canon S90

Samsung EX1/TL500 Compact Camera

Ever since the Panasonic LX3 stepped on to the scene, the camera world has been waiting for competing brands to follow suit by creating a compact oriented at professional who want a pocket friendly alternative to their DSLR. Samsung has answered the call with the EX1TL500 10MP Digital Camera ($450). So what exactly do you get for $450?

For starters, the Samsung EX1/TL500 sports a F1.8 24mm ultra-wide lens, ISO 3200 max sensitivity at full res, and 1/1.7-inch CCD sensor. Since the EX1/TL500 is created with professional leanings, full manual controls are available, as is support for RAW shooting.

Amateur video enthusiasts looking to capture quality video along with their stills are out of luck since there’s no HD video support, but its biggest boon, unrelated to image quality, is the camera’s 3 inch flip-and-twist AMOLED screen. It allows shooters to get creative when framing and provides a ton of flexibility for seeing what the camera sees. We’ve got more shots of this sharp looking compact below. We’re hoping to also get our hands on one for some image comparison, but, for now, check this thread over at DP review to see how this camera stacks up against the highly-regarded Canon S90.

Buy Now: $450