One Retro Gaming Device to Rule Them All

Retron 3 Video Gaming System

Video game technology has come a long way from the classic 8 and 16 bit systems many of us at Gear Patrol grew up playing. Despite all of the fancy motion controls, insane cinematic graphics, and online fragging wars these new systems have enabled though, sometimes it’s just nice to step back in time to replay the original titles that molded us into the gamers with disposable income that we are today. Our computer savvy readers have satiated this itch for years using emulators on their computers and hacked phones.

If that’s not your style though, buying the newly released Retron 3 gaming system ($70) might be the best nostalgia fueled purchase you’ll ever make. That’s because it’s capable of playing all of your old Nintendo, SEGA Genesis, and Super Nintendo cartridges (hello flea market trip), and can use any old controllers for each of the systems that you might still have boxed up in the attic. If you didn’t keep any of your old gaming accessories though, you’re still covered by two wireless universal controllers that ship with the system. The Retron 3 pulls off all of this retro gaming kumbaya by integrating three separate cartridge slots and two controller ports for each system into one awesomely tacky plastic console. Outside of its glorious multiplatform capabilities, the box also allows buyers to connect the system via either S-video or composite, so you won’t have to relive the pain for flipping to channel 3 to play. Need we say more?

Editor’s Note: Does this article leave you feeling helpless until your Retron 3 arrives by mail? Then we recommend playing Super Mario Bros. Crossover while you wait.

Buy Now: $70