Simplicity at its Finest

Dymo Rhino 101 Label Maker

The fact that we’ve covered the Dymo LabelManager before should have already tipped our hand to you guys that we’re into organization. Dymo has kindly reminded us though with the Dymo RHINO 101 ($20) that satisfying our need for order doesn’t always have to require batteries. Designed to be reusable and refillable, the RHINO 101 is basically a specialized tape dispenser equipped with industrial-strength adhesive cartridges. When used with the included Sharpie Retractable permanent maker, it’s a dead simple combination for movers, neat freaks, or anyone else who cares to know what’s what. Thanks to an integrated belt clip, lanyard, cutter, and writing surface, there’s never a need to step away from the task at hand to get your label on.

Buy Now: $20