Stain Not in Vain

Speed Stick Stainguard

You spend $75 a month on your gym so you can fit into the well-tailored shirts you’ve spent hundreds of dollars buying. Problem is, you’re still sullying them with pitstains. No matter what your credo, pitstains don’t fly. Not with us and especially not with the ladies. Time for a cheap upgrade. Speed Stick with Stainguard ($4) uses a patent-pending Stain Defense formula to keep antiperspirant off your garb and on your skin, where it belongs. Bring on the heat.

Quick Tip: More layers of antiperspirant or deodorant won’t improve effectiveness. Apply the advised amount and let fully dry (put your shirt on last). If you’re an especially sweaty fellow, then rinse the armpits of your shirt in cold water at the end of the day to neutralize build-up of acid and aluminum salts.

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