Feed Your Style and Stomach

The Wurst Outlier Shorts

Normally any connection you could make to sausage and shorts is something we’d leave up to other websites with more libidinous agendas, but in the case of Outlier Clothing, we’ll make an exception. The Wurst Outlier Short ($129) is made from Outlier’s versatile 4Season fabric in a limited blue color that feels great on the bike and looks good at the bar. Cut to 8 1/2′ length and spruced up with details like a folded cuff, front watch pocket, and sausage colored back pocket button, you won’t find an analogous pair folded in your average chain clothing store. The real meat of this limited edition run though involves the sweet and spicy sopressata from Emily’s Pork Store that ships with the shorts for anyone buying the sausage pack. If pork sausage really isn’t your thing though, the vegan option lets you purchase the threads, minus the chow. Supplies are already low, so act now if you want a pair of your own.

Buy Now: $129 (vegan pack)

Photography: Emiliano Granado