So Wrong, So Funny

In Bruges (Blu-ray)

In Bruges ($19) is a dark comedy that’s steadily picked up a cult following since its 2008 release. The story follows the actions of two Irish gangster/hit men who’ve been ordered to lay low – you guessed it – in Bruges (broozh), after a hit gets a little too messy.

Don’t know how to pronounce the town name? Well you aren’t the only one. Set among the town’s meticulously persevered century old structures, Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson discover quickly that tourism isn’t their calling, and soon get entangled in a rare mixture of violence and hilarity. Think: scenes involving cocaine, dwarfs, and the blonde Fleur Delacour character from the Harry Potter flicks. Yeah, sounds slightly messed up but fans of Guy Ritchie flicks should get the gist. Surprisingly casual in its pace, the rotation of seemingly pointless characters and suspense of Ralph Fiennes’ entrance will keep you hooked right to the credits and laughing out loud.

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