Data Brutality Prevention

LaCie XtremKey

Not all USB drives are created equally. Most are relegated to being generic tsotchkes handed out at conventions, but on the other hand you have the LaCie XtremKey ($50+) which offers industrial-grade data protection. With a pipe-shaped casing constructed of Zamac (an alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper) that’s brawny enough to laugh at 10 foot trucks, waterproofing down to 325 feet, 16′ drop shockproofing, weatherproofing (+390°F / -58°F), and enough brawniness to withstand a 10 ton truck the LaCie XtremKey will outlast even your toughest adventure. Our recommended method of TPS Report transfer for Bear Grylls. 8 GB – 64 GB available, USB 2.0.

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Buy Now: $50+ (Available August 2010)