One-Man Beast of Burden

Red Oxx Sky Train

On my honeymoon to Australia last year, we packed four bags of luggage. One was so heavy, it might have as well been carrying an anvil, locked inside a portable safe, wrapped in an iron sarcophagus. Worse, we didn’t even use half the stuff we packed. No more, I declared. So, this year, the streamlined Yak approach is the name of the game. The Red Oxx Sky Train ($255) will be our only luggage – one strapped to each of our backs. The Sky Train is incredibly versatile, you can carry at least a week’s worth of clothing (if you pack wisely), and you can carry it like a briefcase or messenger bag. Fly through airports, from destination-to-destination, all without being bogged down like Madonna’s entourage. Better yet, the lifetime guarantee means your bag may outlast you. 20″L x 9″W x 13″H, 2,340 cubic inch capacity.

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By Amos Kwon