On my honeymoon to Australia last year, we packed four bags of luggage. One was so heavy, it might have as well been carrying an anvil, locked inside a portable safe, wrapped in an iron sarcophagus. Worse, we didn’t even use half the stuff we packed. No more, I declared. So, this year, the streamlined Yak approach is the name of the game. The Red Oxx Sky Train ($255) will be our only luggage – one strapped to each of our backs. The Sky Train is incredibly versatile, you can carry at least a week’s worth of clothing (if you pack wisely), and you can carry it like a briefcase or messenger bag. Fly through airports, from destination-to-destination, all without being bogged down like Madonna’s entourage. Better yet, the lifetime guarantee means your bag may outlast you. 20″L x 9″W x 13″H, 2,340 cubic inch capacity.

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By Amos Kwon