Manage Your Machines

Blue Lounge Cable Clips

Gadgets are great and all, but for every device you own, there’s usually a cable somewhere that needs to be managed. Duct tape and twist ties are certainly excellent options in a clutch for battling the birds nests of wires that form under your desk or bloat your carry on luggage, but if you’re looking for a more elegant option, check out Blue lounge Cable Clips ($10 per set). Available in packs of small (25 x 26 x 11 mm), medium (39 x 36 x 16 mm), and large (61 x 51 x 29 mm) varieties, there’s a clip option that should work for every cord you own. What’s included in each pack is listed below.

  • Small pack: Three green and three dark grey
  • Medium pack: Two orange and two dark grey
  • Large: One light grey and one dark grey

Buy Now: $9.99