Jaw Dropping

Vita Audio R4 Integrated Music System

Shelf friendly stereos with integrated iPod docks seem to be a dime a dozen these days, and subsequently we tend to steer clear of most of them. Something as sexy looking as the Vita RA Integrated Music System ($830) though is just too hard to ignore. Putting its gorgeous minimalist case design aside for a moment, we were impressed to find that the device packs a multi format CD player, iPod Dock, USB port, DAB/DAB+/FM tuner, two auxiliary inputs, and a powerful amplifier/speaker system into H5.7 x W17.7 x D10 worth of space. It’s kicker however is the handy and ingenious ‘Rotodial’, which can sit either in the device or be removed to work as a fully functioning remote-control.

So how does it sound? While we haven’t had the chance to review it ourselves, the extremely positive opinions of CNET and other review sites we respect indicate that the R4 doesn’t disappoint. Sadly it only seems to be available in the UK, so you design and audio nuts with cash to burn in the audience will have to deal with international shipping for now if you want one of your own.

Buy Now: $830