Longer. Straighter. What Else to Want?

Callaway FT-iZ Driver

The Gear Patrol golf gurus recently got our grubby little hands on the Callaway Golf’s latest tee box terror, the FT-iZ driver. If we were less than surprised by the club’s performance, it’s only because we’ve come to expect a steady march of improving technology from the Carlsbad, CA clubmaker. In keeping with that theme, the FT-iZ absolutely bombs and, once you acclimate to its aerodynamic profile and non-traditional crown shape, you’ll no doubt find that it seems to ooze confidence.

If our recent review of Callaway’s Diablo Edge showed it to be a high-performance driver with a traditional look, the FT-iZ takes things in a different direction in the name of optimizing ball speed and consistency. Whereas its chemically milled hyperbolic face resembles that of the Diablo, little else does. Shaped with what Callaway calls polar weighting, the club’s top-down outline promotes a high moment of inertia, geared to enhance stability at impact. In our tests, this shape, combined with carbon-fiber construction atop the club, really served to quell the disastrous effects of slight mishits and did so without sacrificing as much feel as you might typically lose with a fully-composite club.

Though custom options are certainly available, the stock graphite shaft offered is the ever-popular Aldila Voodoo – which is no slouch in the powerhouse department. In our testing, we experienced a mid-high ball flight out of our test club which was fitted with a stiff factory shaft. One point of note: this club certainly sets up in a slightly closed position, a trait which might make it most commendable to golfers that fight a slice or fade, as the club’s natural inclination will be to correct this fault.

All in all, Callaway just keeps doing what they do best. That means that the FT-iZ is their latest driver designed to help golfers get every smidgen of distance and accuracy they can out of their game. Lucky for you, it does just that.

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